Not What it’s Suppose to Be!

We did several Make and Takes at Leadership – and I couldn’t get it together!  The projects were great but my concentration was way off.  My kids had starting calling me the first night we arrived – at 3:30 in the morning (sorry Jill!) which was 7:30 their time – but still!  So I got this project almost finished and couldn’t stamp the title correctly!  It was suppose to say “family” using the darling new Taffy alphabet set – but what did I spell? 
“F-A-I-M-L-Y!” Geez! So I flipped the double sided paper over and tried again.  And I spelled “F-A-M-L-I-Y!”  Guess I wasn’t in the “family” mood!  I just decided that I needed to finish this one at home!

I don’t own the Taffy alphabet (yet!) so I used my Enjoy Every Moment and a build a brad with some of the left over paper from all my mistakes!  This picture is one of my favorites of my daughters and my nieces.  I think it turned out nicely – but it was a struggle to get there!  Enjoy!  Hugs, Fran

Updated: January 17, 2008 — 2:47 am


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  1. This is a great page!! Sometimes when I do a page, I show my husband and he always jokes that I spelled something wrong! And the bad thing is that I look everytime!

  2. The nice thing about this project that we did, is it can be used for any occasion, wether it’s family, friends, or other words, like cherish, etc. You did good. I love it because it can be re-produced for many different pictures.

  3. Super nice job with your page! I love the photo, layout, and your B-A-B “O”!!

  4. You did a great job! You already have a picture in there and everything.. Beautiful! I hear you on the concentration thing. I went to Sherrie’s shoebox swap the night before and I was just done with the whole stamping thing for at least another few hours. I should complete my projects and post them.. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. This layout is AMAZING!!! The colours really jump out at you and they look fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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