Guess I’m Really Old!

I was asked to make some thank you cards for some people who come in to work with the algebra students after school at my youngest’s school.  They need to be large cards so all the kids in the group can sign the insides.  Here was number 1 try –

My duaghter took one look at it and “No, mom – these are for OLD people!”  I thought I was doing these for the high schoolers who come over to help – but no, it’s the OLD people – who are MY AGE!  sigh…..So I try again –

Okay – so I don’t like this one.  Try again –

Maybe – what do you think?  Is this better?

I guess my OLD brain just can’t come up with any more ideas!

These cards are all 4 x 9 3/8 and fit into the old large open ended envelopes.  The first card uses the Seriously Sassy set and DSP from the Crew Kids Girl Simply Scrappin’ Kit.  The others use All in the Family and Jersey Shore/Cutie Pie DSP.  Enjoy!  Hugs, Fran

Updated: January 30, 2008 — 3:10 pm


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  1. Sorry I can’t help yu,Fran. I like all of them! They are adorable. Maybe the All in the Family are my favorites.

  2. I like the all in the family ones. The children holding the letters are my favorite. I like the chalkboard look to the first one, but the letters are easier to read to me in the second. I am sure they will like them no matter which you choose.

  3. I love them all, but think the one with the kids and the jersey shore DSP is the best overall. Too funny!!

  4. From one “OLD” person to another … I love them all !!!!

  5. I like the last two the best. They are both adorable!

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